Aqua Lynx Program Continues to Excel

//Aqua Lynx Program Continues to Excel

Aqua Lynx Program Continues to Excel

What does it take to break swim records?

Just ask Jake Curry a 10 year old on the record breaking freestyle relay. “Lung strength, leg strength and arm strength… that’s all I can think of.  Oh!  Listen to the Coach.”

Several Aqua Lynx team records were broken this past season including the 8U 100 Freestyle Relay with Brenden Heitzig, Zach Entwistle, Frank Rolewicz, and Kenton Oltmanns.  The Boys 10U 200 Freestyle Relay of Jake Curry, Gavin Holsapple, Murphy Roate and James Rolewicz own a new record.  The Boys 12U 200 Medley Relay with Logan Warfel, Mitch Rolewicz, Nick Knoedler, and Joe Dalpoas broke a long standing record.    Alex Downing age 14 broke individual records in the 200 Backstroke & 1650 Freestyle.

This year’s Aqua Woman was Alena Reed and Aqua Man was Taylor Hoinacki.


Aqua Lynx also offers a summer introductory program called Summer Splash for any student interested in knowing more about competitive swimming.  They are a USA swim club participating at the Scully Natatorium on the Lincoln College Campus.

Overall, it was a very successful year.  For more information visit the team’s website at

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